Why Creatives Should Reuse Old Content


Sometimes, I like to use my old content. For you marketers, this is already a known tactic. But for us creative entrepreneurs, reusing old content is just as beneficial. Reusing some of my old stuff helps with the creativity too. I’ve been known to forget some of my newer ideas. So reviewing and using old stuff actually sparks creativity. My old ideas are new once again. What’s interesting is how relevant something I posted two years ago is today.

So here are five reasons to reuse, recycle and update your old content:

  1. Some ideas are timeless, so revisit and repost.
  2. Reading and using your older content sparks new ideas.
  3. Updating your older content can help you reconnect with customers.
  4. What’s old is new especially if you update.
  5. You’ve learned since you posted that older content, share what you’ve learned.

 Old Content Is New Again

Older content speaks to your creativity at that time. A blast from the past helps you to revisit where you were and helps you to realize how far you’ve come. As an artist, I’m constantly learning. As a creative entrepreneur, I’m constantly learning. What’s more, reflecting upon your past successes and failures is a form of personal leadership. It’s that leadership that will help you to become better at what you’re doing.

Your older content helps you to see how your passion for creating has evolved. I love reading some of my older posts, shaking my head, asking myself what the hell was I thinking, and then reusing it with a new twist. What’s old, is always new.

The key to a creative process is keeping the end in mind. The process, for me, is built on continual learning, reflection, and ultimately developing new skills and new ideas. Learning from the past is one of the best ways to accomplish your long-term creative goals.

So read your old stuff. Update it, and share it again. It’s never too late to learn from your own creative past.


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