Why Passion Is the Foundation of Success


Why do you think passion is so important to success? Without passion, you will almost certainly not attain the success and the life that you want. You can read any book on success and leadership and almost every one will include something about doing what you love. Why is it so important? Simply put, passion is the driving force behind your success. Whether you are a starving artist, or climbing the corporate ladder, doing what you love for your work (it’s not really work, but more on that later) is what gets you to achieve your goals. Let me give you five reasons why your passion is the foundation of your success. 

Over the past 12 years, I attained significant success in my day job. I can’t tell you what it is that I do, but within several years of starting my career, I found myself in a leadership position with much responsibility. By time I was 30, I reached a level of responsibility that many don’t see for decades. During my years as a rank-and-file employee, and then in management, I discovered one common theme: I followed a passion for what I was doing. I’ve spent the majority of my career in management and without a passion for leadership, I can say I would’ve failed log ago. How does this apply to the creative entrepreneur? Simple, your work is your passion. I draw and write because I love it. It’s not work to me. So to find your success through what you do, follow your passion because:

  1. It’s part of you. Don’t define yourself by your work, define your work by who you are.
  2. Money can be made, but adding value to others and yourself comes from not your bottom line, but what’s inside you.
  3. We create because to create is to express. To express is to share yourself with others and that adds value.
  4. Do you want to be remembered for your bank account or for your creativity and joy in what you do?
  5. Success is living the life you truly want to live. Passion for something comes naturally. So follow it.

Whether I’m leading a team of professionals or drawing a landscape with graphite, I’m following a commitment to myself. I’m leading because I truly enjoy guiding and learning from others. I create because I simply love to create. As the cliché goes, it’s not work if you love what you do. What’s your passion?

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